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Bring 'Em Home, Lord
This song was originally
written for the miners
last year when they were
stuck in that hole. It has
taken on a new meaning.
Available in sheet music
for three part harmony,
church choirs are singing
this song all across America.

I Believe in America
I wrote this song after 9/11.
I didn’t want to sing
about going to war
and killing people.
I only wanted to sing
about the joy of
being American.
I wanted to sing
about hope.
I believe Americans
always do the
right thing, eventually

Twenty-One Guns
Harry Moore and I
wrote this song
after transporting
an Air Force officer
to Kentucky
to be buried.
The experience
of a military funeral
– of the flag
and the white gloves
– blew me away.
This song honors
our fallen soldiers
and their families.