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Lisa Dudley's music is distributed through Do Right Records and published through its subsidiary, Steinbrenner Music.

As the "Do Right" name implies, the company represents wholesome music, haunting melodies, and powerful lyrics. Lisa's music has these earmarks and more, and testimonials from doctors, nurses, hospices, soldiers, and just plain folk, attest to the healing power of her songs.

Therapeutic and soothing, Lisa's music helps people through sleepless nights and brings them peace and comfort. Her songs echo the emotions of those who admire her, and she lends an eloquent tongue to the hopes and fears of many. And now her music is available to everyone!

Steinbrenner Music is very proud to be the first to offer Lisa Dudley's sheet music to the public. Click on the Sheet Music icon to request your favorite song(s). Write to Lisa Dudley

"I am flattered that so many people have written to me to express an interest in my songs, and I am very happy for this opportunity to make them available. Your support means everything to me, and I hope that my songs will find a place in your hearts and cause you to rise up singing."     Lisa.

Lisa's compositions are available to school choruses, church choirs, and simply friends.


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