Lisa Dudley

Lisa Dudley has a passionate following of soldiers and veterans. Perhaps a signature song that best identifies who she is would be "Angel On My Shoulder" which is her most requested song. "The soldiers adore this song," she says, "because they say that's how they survived in battle!"

Her loyal following of fans love to hear her sing the songs that celebrate life, love and loss including an inspirational collection of "soft gospel". Songs like "Praise God for The Rain", "Use Me In A Mighty Way", and "I Will Rise Up Singing" have become standards in churches where she plays.

With songs like "Twenty-One Guns","Broken Purple Heart", and "You Do The Job Right", the men in her audience - from soldiers to senators - get a feeling of empathy and appreciation seldom enjoyed in their own lives.

The women in the audience also appreciate songs like "She Bought Your Love","Gotta Cut You Loose", and "Dangerous Curves" - a boot-stomping song about the power of a woman's body - which gives them the feeling that someone understands what's important to them too.

Her latest release, "Twenty-One Guns" actually celebrates the military funeral of a fallen soldier. "We respectfully rejoice in the life of someone so brave he would give his life for freedon," says Dudley. "I am awed by these servicemen and women."

Lisa Dudley is the daughter of two veterans who served during the Korean conflict. "I was born at a naval hospital," she says. "My mother and my father were both in the Army at the time. That must be why I write so many patriotic songs!" Her melodies evokes the sweet simplicity of a gentler time matched with lyrics that reflect the strong sentiment of today's world.

Her voice ranges from deep and throaty to soft and ethereal. She currently has a catalog of over a 100 songs.

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