I have selected these links because they will lead you to sites that represent people, places, and causes that are important to me

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Landmark Education
This site only barely describes how amazing the Landmark Forum is. Doing the Landmark Forum weekend profoundly changed my life and my relationship with my dad. Now everyone in my family has done the Landmark Forum and it has brought us closer together. My husband and I did the Wisdom Course together and we had so much fun we didn't want it to end. I have one thing to say about the Landmark Forum: Get your life back -- DO IT.

Pow-Wow Southwest Indian Foundation
Their goal is to restore dignity and self reliance to native people. The money they raise helps schools, shelters and families who need houses, heat, and water. Their catalog sells products made from native artisans. Great service and nice people.

Vietnam Veteran’s of America
I am an advocate for Veterans' rights and I have quite a following of men (and women vets too) who are thoroughly devoted to my music -- thanks everyone! I have a lot of "soldier songs" that make them cry and I often play "Twenty-One Guns" for memorial day services and funerals.

Towne Crier in Pawling, NY
The Towne Crier is the closest thing to playing the Bluebird that I’ve discovered up North for songwriters. I have made some good friends there and they have good food and great desserts! I try to play there the first and third Wednesday of any month I’m in town.

Tivoli, New York
Daniel and I live in Tivoli, just across the river from Woodstock, NY. It’s an artist’s community down the road from Bard College. It’s a great place to live and every Saturday morning St. Paul’s church has the best thrift shop. People come from miles around to buy designer clothes that are trucked in from New York City.

Karl E Steinbrenner
My brother is an awesome photographer. Check out his site -- it takes a moment for the slide show to load but it's worth the wait. He travels a lot so if you can't reach him, don't give up, call me!