Soldier Nevermore
By Lisa Dudley


My mother is Cherokee and I worked for the Native American Indian Association in Nashville. We were having an Indian blanket sale at the annual Pow-Wow. I wrote an article about Native American blankets and quoted Chief Joseph when he said, "It is cold and we have no blankets."

He is famous for marching the Nez Perce tribe 1,400 miles to the Canadian border where they nearly escaped capture.

At his surrender he said, "From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever." He is my hero.


This morning something happened
And it seems I’ve seen the light
In my sleep three warrior angels
Showed me wrong from right
They told me, "You must stop the fighting"
And they called me by my name
And one thing I know for very sure
I’ll never be the same


I am a soldier
I’m laying down my sword and shield
I am a soldier
I cannot walk the killing fields
I am a soldier
I will no longer wage at war
I am a soldier

They said, "Remember Chief Joseph
In the snow and through the night
His people running from the terror
Of the Cavalry’s might?"
"Hear me, my chiefs," he said
"My heart is sick and sad
I will fight no more forever
From where the sun stands"



To the glory of creation
To the betterment of man
I will fight no more forever
From where the sun stands


Soldier Nevermore
© 2002 Lisa Dudley