What Mother's Son
By Lisa Dudley Play MP3  

Every day, I pray that our leaders will be divinely guided to make the right decisions. All I know is every mother in the world cries the same tears when her children are harmed. I pray for all grieving mothers—everywhere.


The men are off to battle
Once again across the sea
Marching for justice
And liberty
But in the name of peace and freedom
For a valiant cause we say
What mother’s son
Will lose his life today?


What mother’s son won’t be coming home
What mother’s son will be taken by the storm
What mother’s son will be left to die alone
What mother’s son? What mother’s son?

Both sides will battle bravely
Their country wrong or right
Banners flying high
Believing in the fight
But in the name of peace and freedom
On our knees we pray
Let no mother’s son
Lose his life today



Tears of sorrow
Tears of joy
When we birth a baby boy
Every mother lives with fear
Of what she may
Someday have to hear


What Mother's Son
© 2001 Lisa Dudley