Angels Will Carry You Home 
By Lisa Dudley & Melanie Crawford; Steinbrenner Music

Verse 1:
Kiss me before you say goodbye
Before you leave, before I cry
Before you go, you should know
That I have loved you heart and soul

You asked me if I would pray
For a beacon to light your way
I promise you won’t be alone
There will be angels to carry you home

Verse 2:
It hurts so soon to say goodbye
Although I know our love will never really die
Your spirit will soar eternally
And we will visit again – you’ll see



Verse 3:
Well life goes on I’ll sing my songs
Until the morning when you meet me at the dawn
You’ll offer your hand, I’ll hold on tight
And you will lead me to the light


Angels Will Carry You Home
© 2007 Lisa Dudley
and Melanie Crawford;
Steinbrenner Music