Bring 'Em Home, Lord 
By Lisa Dudley & Harry Moore

Verse 1:
At night before I lay me down to sleep
And pray the Lord my loved ones to keep
I ask forgiveness, Lord save my soul
And I pray for the children, let ‘em grow old
And then I say:

Bring ‘em home Lord, Keep ‘em strong
Bring ‘em home Lord, Let us all get along
Bring ‘em home Lord, To solid ground
Bring ‘em home -- Safe and sound

Verse 2:
When the morning comes and I open my eyes
I give thanks for wisdom and the sweet sunrise
I pray for mercy for a joyful day
With grace and faith Lord, guide my way
And then I say:


Every waking minute of every day
I believe in prayer and this is what I say


Verse 3:
When I hear the steeple bells ringing at noon
I’m reminded to sing a grateful tune
To count my blessings, give to those in need
Let peace on earth begin with me
And then I say:


Bring 'Em Home, Lord
© 2007 Lisa Dudley
and Steinbrenner Music