Fingerprints (Upon My Heart) 
By Lisa Dudley & Harry Moore

In a worn out shack down by the bay
There lived a man who worked in clay
But now he lies in a potters field
Rewards were few but his joy was real

Wish I could feel
Just one more time
His hands in clay holding mine
He left his mark on works of art
And fingerprints upon my heart

A gentle man who walked in faith
He touched my nights and he touched my days
Just a pot of clay that’s all I have
To remind me of the love we shared


Hands in clay
He taught me to create
To make the most of my life
Hands in clay
I can still hear him say
You can, you must
You must try


Fingerprints (Upon My Heart)
© 2006 Lisa Dudley & Harry Moore
and Steinbrenner Music