God Danced (On The Day You Were Born)
By Lisa Dudley

Well, God danced
On the day you were born
‘Cause he knew
You were for
The whole world
With your joy
And your songs

You’re a happy wanderer
And everywhere you go
You spread your light
And everybody knows
The way your eyes shine
You have faith so fine
You are love divine

That’s why God danced…

All the little gifts
You give every day
Lifts the spirits
Of folks along the way
You wear a gentle smile
You’re a welcome sight
After weary miles

That’s why God danced…

Bridge: Well, it’s enough just to be
To laugh, to share yourself with me
To love and to sing
To make the best of everything

That’s why God danced…


God Danced (On The Day You Were Born)
©2008 Lisa Dudley
Steinbrenner Music;