Laid Off Again
By Lisa Dudley

Laid off again
I’ve been laid off again
Someone upstairs blew it
And now we must depend upon
The help of our neighbors
The support of our friends
I’ve been laid off again

They say they need to downsize
They need to cut again
They just see us as numbers
They don’t see us as men (and women)
They say we make too much money
For the little that we do
Well tell that to my aching back
And to my worn out shoes
We’ve no say in what they’re doing
And no chance to defend
The ethics and the honor
Of the working man


I wonder what kind of cuts
Are they making upstairs
You know it makes me angry
When no cuts are theirs
The boss just got a bonus
More than I make in a year
And he just bought a jaguar
While my mortgage is in arrears
There’s still caviar in the board room
And limos at their door
It’s from our hides they prosper
Now they want to cut some more



Laid Off Again
©2008 Lisa Dudley
Steinbrenner Music;