Little Crow
By Lisa Dudley

It’s the beat, beat, beating of the drums you hear
With every beat of your heart
Your people walked the trail of tears
And in your blood they survive
After all these years

You’re Chicahominey and Cherokee
And Shawnee and Pawnee
Chicasaw and Chipawa
Apache, Shoshone
Seminole, Arapaho,
Navaho and Sioux
Oh Little Crow, remember who you are

As you honor your -- heavenly father
Honor your earth mother too
By walking softly on the land
You hold our very future
In your hands



Every hawk and deer you see
Is alive like the rocks and trees
And they’re singing a sacred song
Oh Little Crow won’t you sing along?


Little Crow
©2008 Lisa Dudley
Steinbrenner Music;