You Are Forgiven
By Lisa Dudley

When I was just a girl
I often spilled milk on the floor
Once my Daddy made me walk back
For another bottle at the store
So I would learn a lesson
So I would understand
He was waiting at the corner
To take me home again.

He said…
You are forgiven, you’ve made your amends
You can put the past behind you and begin again
You are forgiven -- all your sins
Move forward, walk in the light
You are forgiven

Well it turns out Daddy didn’t stay with Mama
They just couldn’t get along
And it really isn’t for me to say
If his leaving was right or wrong
But being in the middle
Has been the hardest part
Now I’m finally able to sing this song
With loving in my heart

Daddy -- You’re forgiven – you’ve made your amends…


And when my life is over
I can only hope and pray
That God in all his mercy
Will speak to me and say

You are forgiven…


You Are Forgiven
©2008 Lisa Dudley
Steinbrenner Music;